On Saturday September 27th 2014 Alma Media hosted APISuomi hackathon Helsinki event. APISuomi is a community aiming at collecting information and reviews about APIs in Finland.

The Helsinki event was one of the eight API Hackathon Tour 2014 events around Finland. Tour is organized by API:Suomi and is part of CodeWeek EU events. The event consists of presentations about API development & usage and teamwork with different APIs.

The event kicked off with a proper breakfast following with Jarkko Moilanen - the founder of APISuomi community - introducing the newly founded community and laying out the plans for the day. His slides can be found at SpeakerDeck.

Aseem Shakuntal
Niilo Ursin

After Jarkko’s introduction there were two more presentations. First one was from Aseem Shakuntal who talked about developing APIs with the API user/client in mind. Next up was Niilo Ursin from Kauppalehti showing some good guidelines for API developers. Niilo’s slides ara available at SlideShare.

Demo time and conclusions


During the the event there were also few teams hacking with various public APIs. At the end of the event there were demos of what the teams had come up with.

API:Hack Helsinki wasn’t just about presentations and hacking: It was about defining what APISuomi community is about. During the event participants came up with first versions of APISuomi strategy and a starterkit for API usage, both of which you can read more about at http://apisuomi.fi/2014/09/apihackathon-tour-helsinki/.