Recap on the HelsinkiJS & Frontend Finland event held on April 21st that gathered almost 160 developers into Alma Media headquarters. See the full videos of the presentations below.

Introduction to (React) Universal JavaScript Web Applications

The event started with Senior Web Developer Ari Palo giving an introduction to universal JavaScript web applications. Most of the introductions to universal JS consists of diving straight away into a lot of code and configuration examples. Instead, the idea of this presentation was to talk about (React) universal JS applications on a bit more abstract level and to take a look into the process of delivering universal app from the server into the client.

Minimum Viable View Library

The second presentation of the evening was from Senior Developer Juha Lindstedt. Bravely enough, Juha did a live coding session in front of the rather large audience and it went very smoothly. Juha’s presentation was about live coding a “minimum viable view library” and by doing that showing us the inner workings of a view library - as many of us use view libraries (such as ReactJS), but not necessarily understand the details of how such an library internally works. Juha’s live coding was based onto his “tiny view library” called FRZR.

Masters of the Universal

CTO Niilo Ursin gave a presentation about the new Kauppalehti mobile site Kauppalehti has a desktop site which was built earlier with AngularJS (1.x) and now when they started designing the new mobile site they decided to try something else as the Angular app had it’s problems. After few prototypes they decided to build a universal JavaScript application with NodeJS, React and Fluxible. In his talk Niilo talks about some tools used and lessons learned while building the new mobile site.

Visual Studio Code, ASP.NET 5 and Azure App Service

Technology evangelist Jon Galloway concluded the evening with a showcase of some new stuff for developers from Microsoft. He showed us free Visual Studio Code editor, the upcoming version 5 of and Azure App Service where one can quickly setup demo environments to cloud for trying out the service.

Thank you all!

It was nice to see the Alma headquarters full of people, so a big thank you for all the attendees and to HelsinkiJS & Frontend Finland! Give us feedback on Twitter @almadevelopers and be sure to follow @HelsinkiJS and @FrontendFinland for future events about JavaScript & frontend technologies!