On August 29th Alma Media hosted AWS User Group Finland meetup, which is a meetup for anyone interested in Amazon Web Services cloud.

The event started with Simo Syrjänen (CTO, Alma Media) and Rolf Koski (Cybercom & AWS User Group Finland organizer) welcoming the guests and Simo giving a small introduction about Alma Media. AWS is a core technology in most products at Alma.

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New and noteworthy

Evening kicked of with Rolf taking a look into latest & most notable releases from AWS. New and noteworthy - short update about AWS announcements since last meetup :

Utilizing the potential of SES 

Next up it was the turn of Antti Siiskonen (CTO, Alma Mediapartners) who shared their experiences of sending 40 000 - 140 000 automated emails per day to customers and how they accidentally ended up into spam blacklists due to misconfiguration in their website. Antti goes through in great detail how they remedied the situation and also how they implemented AWS SES as their primary email service.

AWS Serverless Application Model

After the break it was turn for Ari Palo (Solution Architect, Alma Media) to give an introduction to AWS Serverless Application Model - SAM for short. SAM is a technology by AWS which extends CloudFormation and provides several helpful tools for developing and deploying serverless applications.

A complete serverless member portal solution 

Michael Duergner, engineering lead from Zalando SE, came to talk about his pet project about building completely serverless member portal solution. He used AWS Cognito, Lambda and S3.